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What I noticed was how they're trying to bring forwards a picture of the Annunaki, Orions and Pleiadians in one ("happy") family that seeded humanity - blurring the truth so as to create a more acceptable past. But the truth will out. No matter what.

To be clear, in my knowing, the Pleiadians were tasked in the time of Lemuria to benevolently seed Original Humans, around 1-6 million years ago. This was inline with the natural way the soul of humanity was yearning to evolve. But then along came the intervention of Annunaki with the enslaved Orion Greys in tow, that together with the reptilians, formed an alliance which took control of the Original Human population and downgraded them to Homo Sapiens - against the natural harmony of life. This is what we're working to realign now.

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