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I'd say that to come to peace with what's taken place in humanity's past and the down-grading hybridisation that's been orchestrated, is to understand and empathise with the Annunaki and why they did what they did - also why the Intervention continues to do what it does today. This is the perspective I worked to bring to the new documentary "Intervention and the Galactic Superwave" that Ikonic will be releasing in August.

Imagine time and time again your society being obliterated by catastrophe cycles that you've misinterpreted as a "vengeful God". Imagine your heart, your dreams and creations being torn apart every 12,000 years or so. Yet progressively you develop the technology to build an increasingly resilient society that can "ride the storm". If that society was all pulling in the same direction, like a super efficent ant colony, then you just might be able to ride the storm by going off planet for example. Hence the DNA changing virus, hence the collectivised propaganda, hence the space race etc etc. What they believe they're doing is creating a way to ride out these cycles. The problem being that you're creating and manipulating ever more in order to bring forth a very narrow view - one that is disconnected from the natural cycle of life, of death and rebirth. The former way (that of the Intervention), builds identity and limitation with physicality. The latter builds transcendence and therefore eternal life and freedom. The former makes you contract down in fear and control; the later helps you open up in joy, freedom and love. But at least we might be able to understand and empathise with why they did it.

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