I believe being accepting of all that a person is, whether you agree with it or not, is a big evolved relating Factor that I've had to nurture.

Many times I see those making choices that I used to make when I was less spiritually inclined, and less open. When I was evolving and moving past those certain mindsets and actions, I would run away from people, family, friends Etc that we're still stuck in those karmic loops. But now I've learned to cherish those I love for everything they are including people making the very same mistakes I made. I've learned that often times these are a mirror deeper into what I used to do, and a window into how painful it is  to be stuck there ,  and why I should not make those same choices again. It also gives me the opportunity to help and open the mind of those who are in those very same problems I'm having, as I had been there.

I've also learned accepting those for everything they are gives you a wider view point on reality. It gives you more open mind and has even quite a few times opened my mind to a reality which I previously either closed my mind to, or had never thought of before. I've learned a lot this way.