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Jennaya you asked a very important question, I'd say one for all of us...

Reflecting on how one goes about increases this 'self-honesty'?

It's all about internal awareness. You're with someone and expressing. If you're in partnership, for example, it's very easy to get lost in the softness of the connection - to go partially asleep. Because things are cosy and accepting. But it's always essential to be watching your own expression too. Let's say you say something which is not 100% aligned and honest (because you have a veil which you can't yet see through), if you're watching yourself, there'll be some reaction in your field - some discomfort. Watch for it especially in your own microexpressions: a twitch of the hand, a slightly nervous smile, an involuntary movement of the foot. If these things present, it's because there's some discomfort at a soul level, which what you've just expressed.

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