I feel like ever since I saw you post this formula Open, ( -1 0 1+) I've been on a quest/journey/contemplation in understanding it as much as I can. For some reason when I saw it awhile back it just jumped off the page towards me and my entire being went THAT.. that's it right there, that is the formula I need to know, so thank you!

That applies to everything in regards to positive negative absolution. It is a choice in whether or not to continue a cycle – a known condition – a story etc. It for me feels like this is exactly how something/anything evolves. Yet to go from this to 0:0:0 is ridiculously hard! Or I guess I should say that is where I personally feel I'm heading towards, yet only because of a ring I was given at birth that has this formula on the underside of it. It's been a horrendous mystery to me for a very long time and some day's I just say to my God.. Look here, I'm pretty sure you got me mistaken with the other's down the road, I don't think I signed up for this, how do I get out?!! then the formula of zero's pops back up in my head and I just say what F.. ever!!!! LOL :)


So this is how I am going to at the very least “try as I can” to apply this to everything relative to me. So as to evolve. Yet I didn't even know I was evolving until I felt I had evolved. I'm wishing myself tremendous amounts of luck in this.


Wish you all luck as well!