I confess I changed my mind after voting. I voted for "Transparency, honesty, integrity", but then I realized that true transparency can't happen if we're not accepting/allowing/not judging. In my experience, this is why I lived some years of my life without integrating spiritual wisdom and also having conflicts with my mother, who is extremely engaged in the drama.

In many occasions, I expressed my truth in a very harsh way because I was denying her very distorted point of view, which is also her truth. And what I learned is: no matter how straight to the point you go when telling the truth, if you're not coming from your heart, the other person will hardly hear anything. You will just push her buttons and her reaction will also push yours - and considering you don't have a high degree of surrendering, you will create disharmony by feeding the drama.

In short, without the female aspect, the 4th ray of diplomacy can't be harnessed, and thus the male aspect acts like a sharp blade. This is why my vote goes for "Empathy, acceptance, allowing, non-judgment", because for me it must come before core honesty.

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