Wow - tremendous inquiry folks! Thumbs Up Sign

Jennaya, yes indeed... "honesty as a key for transformation and  embodiment".

B you said... "One thing I've learnt is that taking the easy approach in the short-term will mean I'll be paying for it in the long term. " Yes indeed! You then went on to say...

It's hard to give voice to my weaknesses and then not form an identity around them.

What I pick up, is that you're seeing vulnerability as some kind of static weakness. When true vulnerability opens us into the infinite potential of possibility. So true vulnerability softens into the truth of the moment, from which, other flowing qualities can arise - like contradictory will for example. So it's important not to fix in a particular state - the soul is always ebbing and flowing. Something to work with Wink Emoji

Alex - thumbs up on the emapthy - but not allowing it to become sympathy, where we then take on the suffering perspective of the other's journey.

Hi Ultraviolet - what I meant was, yes, to accept the other and their point of view. But not necessarily to fix in some kind of wishy washy state. Maybe sometimes the soul will want to arise and challenge - just as I am now!

Hi Eduardo - yes, I can see your point - acceptance of the other first - but then allowing truth to come through integrity of expression.

Awesome all round!

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