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Hey Vimal,

I get what you're saying. I'd say that living our soul's path requires a lot of giving ourselves fully to the present moment, so it's ok if some things take lots of time to come up, because we're waiting for the flow to do its job. But if we're too engaged in the rational mind, it's more likely that we will try to 'fix' things – and altough that can be good, it's not aligned and thus not necessary in that moment. I understand that a long delay (e.g. 6 months) can trigger the rational mind, but it's relevant to remember that the soul is timeless.

I also think it's okay if this openness varies between relationships, because that's part of the 3D limitation. With my loving partner, I feel like nothing is left unchecked because both of us know the importance of honoring and communicating our feelings, so everything is more fluid... more 5D.

No matter in what relationship we found ourselves in, I think it's crucial to be truthful in the exact moment it is required. Otherwise, we end up walking in a minefield... and who knows when those mines will be trigged!