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Hi Eduardo,

I find this important :

No matter in what relationship we found ourselves in, I think it's crucial to be truthful in the exact moment it is required

With kicking in of the rational mind i meant that in the moment of saying the truth i experience a questioning from my mind. Its probably founded on fear what that might cause to the relationship - hurt to myself and others. I recognize these as the wired conditioning in our brain. Its much easier to just go along with the norm and not challenge it but increasingly i see that its this confrontation that can truly change me. So it also recognizing whats really important for me at the moment. This time i also experienced a clicking in of the synchronicities that led to the moment so i could also sense the flow and build upto it. 

Open replied to a question that i asked on my thread which it think is relevant . I like to share it here:


The path resolving by itself: Sometimes if you hold the space with active awareness and you're consciously engaging in all the steps that are unfolding, then a blockage in the flow (of your life) will resolve itself - yes. But again, it's important to be honest with oneself: "am I procrastinating because I get tight around saying or doing something that I'm uncomfortable with?" In which case, the step forwards is already clear and revealing itself - step in the direction which causes the tightness, then work into it.

I should remember that last bit. I think with time i will be more comfortable with taking chances and making mistakes and be ok with whatever that presents.

Thanks for sharing 

Vimal <3