Dear Open ,

When I first read the article I didn't think it had anything to do with me at all. I have hiwever been feeling into this very dense hopeless very discomambulated,almost desperate energy since the last two three days. I felt hopeless ,like quitting work and just running away somehow. I thought it was triggered by someone from work but on deep exploration it's a very dense energy . Does the eclipse give a sense of heightened energy to all that is out of alignment ? Also when I felt into it I hear a loud buzzing near my right ear . I wonder what that is . 

i am going to do the implant meditation today . I have started to feel a strong heat and pressure in different parts of my skull especially near the third eye and on top of the forehead. ( Feeling them both now as I write this ) 

Do let me know how you read the situation as I feel like I'm a kindergarten student in grad school right now :)