Hi there folks,

I so resonate with what was described, hopelessness, lack of motivation, close to suicidal, very dense energy like mud, has been my lot today. I tried softening into it and doing the bow thingy to increase the pain but no breakthrough, and the implant meditation, then I was drawn to this article and BAM! i realized what it was-grey energy! What a silly sausage I've  been not to have picked it up sooner! Aah well! Still learning ay! 

Megha what you shared was spot on for me, I'm feeling it all right aargh!and how you dealt with it was encouraging thankyou so much.

Open I think what you said about waves doesnt quite describe this grey energy, its more like a tsunami! heh heh! 

Looking forward to the time i can surf the tsunami And not get swamped! waahoo!

big hugs