Here it is, the new Documentary from Openhand, PARADIGM SHIFT. It began as an important message that I felt given to share from the Higher Dimensional Team working to illuminate and support the Shift. The message was shot in one shoot. But then I felt to colourise it with imagery and metaphor. It is meant to reach people widely, to bring the perspective into the context of inquiry for the Shift itself and exactly what is going.

As I said early on, it is not to tell you THE TRUTH! Because everyone sees reality through their own lens. It expresses my truth, and the Openhand Team I work with. You may only agree in part, and that's absolutely fine. The important thing is that it stimulates a deeper inquiry, which is so necessary at this point - both myself and the Team feel that the spiritual mainstream is missing the essence of what's really taking place. It is my compulsion therefore, to work to bring this inquiry into the wider consciousness and exploration.

I'd like to offer a warm thanks to all those who contributed their thoughts in interview for the film - thankyou.

Please help us to help other people by sharing widely.

In loving support

Open and The Team HeartPraying Emoji