Sorry Rebecca I do not see it through your eyes. For if it was not for talking about what is going on I would not be in the state of present's most of the time in the now as you put it. Without talking to a friend who is a member of Openhand that introduced me to the site, I would have gone on like I was for most of my 50 plus years thinking I was an outcast. Look at my friend as water, the site as the light and the different perspectives as the shadows or dark. I have all the seeds that I will ever need to get to where it is that I am heading in this life. By talking to my friend it watered the seeds and the seeds begin to sprout, In turn this brought up inquiry, which led me to the site which shed light on the sprouts, which help them grow. And the different perspectives were the shade and the dark that these seeded sprouts needed to grow as well. 

You say; {To share the light, Be like Jesus, it is the only way. Be an example. Talking about it does not help}. How did Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad get their message out. They had to talk about it. Which was like Open pointed out [a perspective]. So it is up to the seeker to choose the path he will take. Knowing that change is only one step or one thought away. 

Being in this form we have lost the ability to communicate with out words. Some of us .lol.  So for now we share by our words, written or spoken and our action or non-action.

Much Love

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