Hi Everyone - thanks for the continued lovely feedback for PARADIGM SHIFT that I'm getting, both here and privately The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

I felt to touch on some of the key aspects of the film - some of the main messages. Firstly to say, the messages that are shared, are based on a thoroughly exploration of our interdimensional reality that I've made very diligently over the years that I've been incarnated here. I am what you might call a "walk-in", a "soul-exchange". I don't take any pride or pleasure in that, it just happened as a natural pull of the soul and a scared agreement with the previous soul following a life threatening car crash back in 2002. 

At first, it was pretty confusing being here, being thrown suddenly into the density of this reality, and being partially lost in the ideas, thoughts and feelings of someone else that were not my own. But one thing was abundantly clear from the outset - I came here to share a perspective on what's truly going on with the shift.

When I incarnated, I came in with detailed and powerful visions of the shift that has now begun - the great cleansing of the old reality, an unwinding of the karmic construct and the emergence of the New Paradigm in the higher densities. These visions were not so much prophecy, as the higher dimensional witnessing of "future-landing-now". 

I work with a higher dimensional team of evolved beings which some call "Ascended Masters". Although I hasten to add, it's not a terms which sits well with them - for there is always something to be mastered. Therefore "Eternal Students" is far more appropriate - it takes a high level of mastery to realise you're an eternal student! I simply call the group "Openhand".

The messages shared in the film are not so much channellings, but rather the activation of "Knowing exchange". The Team draw my attention to situations and through signs and synchronicity ask... "what do you feel about that?" Through intense and concentrated awareness, deep realisations flow.

It has come to the stage, where I feel and sense many groups in the field participating in the Shift - and that there's a general consensus on where it's all going that is shared in the documentary. So you might consider it a collective channelling from the various groups working towards the Shift. Although "channeling" is not strictly accurate, it is more a collective knowing exchange (channellings are highly suspect, since the risk is they invade your consciousness and overly influence without allowing sufficient space to have your own sovereign realisations).

It's crucial that we deeply explore what's truly going on. I witness that the body of the Spiritual Mainstream is just not getting the magnitude nor scale of it yet. And is highly prone to misdirection - trying to "heal" the earth in the 3D for example by finding more environmentally friendly ways of living. Let's be clear, we are well past the point of no return. Humanity (influenced by the Intervention) has ALREADY initiated an irreversible event line leading to the progressive collapse of the biosphere - this great cleansing IS Gaia's healing. The cancer of excessive consumption and exploitation of other life forms is not sustainable and doesn't serve the balance of life here any longer. So a Great Realignment is necessary and has already begun to unfold.

This point alone will take a great deal of processing - many things will come up if you truly explore deeply into it. For example great sadness at the loss of life here and the natural habitat. And also perhaps self judgment for what you may have contributed or done unconsciously. If these things come up for you, then the invitation is to explore deeply into them. Let me say this on those two points to help you...

1. All life changes, as I said in the movie... "in a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant". So all life is continually moving on. It's not about trying to hang on to the ways and form of the old. But know that the consciousness itself will not perish - it will be liberated to take on new forms. So even though currently around 200 species are going extinct in the 3D daily, the consciousness is moving on to other forms - some will be in the 5D.

2. In terms of self-judgment or the judgement of what others may be doing, consider that all realities are formed from a collective need to explore karmic lessons - blind spots. So the perfect environment is created to manifest the unconsciousness. That is necessary, so as to provide mirrors, so that awareness can activate the karma and bring it to the surface. That is most definitely happening now. It provides the opportunity to look in the mirror and decide who you are in the reflections - to unravel and process karma. The whole Universe is doing this and your soul willingly chooses to take on distortion so as to play it out and unravel it. It is not your fault! But it is your responsibility to then work through it.

So maybe these two considerations will help find some peace with the exploitation challenges we're facing and the breakdown of the biosphere - everything transforms and moves on.