One of the key things I felt compelled to get across within the new Openhand PARADIGM SHIFT movie (scroll to the top), was just how much Extra Terrestrial consciousness has affected the natural balance of life here on Earth. As I pointed out in the film, there's an abundance of evidence for this. Predominantly: (1) in the sophistication of the various megalyths around the world, that could only have been developed from advanced technology (2) within our genetics and especially the chromosomes (3) past life regression therapy, where people are recalling what went on.

But of course people will still be skeptical. Often this is because they can't see or sense any intervention going on. And this is because the Opposing Consciousness has embedded itself within the various streams of consciousness that we might experience. So you have thoughts and feelings which have been condensed into limited streams of experience that you naturally think are your own. These streams of consciousness condition and program people to accepting the 'normal' way of life in the matrix. And because billions of people are living that way, they don't really stop to question too much. Even when people know there is some kind of conspiracy going, they still don't look inside of themselves for how it's impacting them.

It's only when you explore deeply your internal motivations and impulses for action, that you start to 'see' (more accurately perceive) the intervention. You start to notice two different streams of impulse/motivation: (1) that which feeds the ego, addicts to the matrix, contracts and limits (2) that which sets you free by letting go of fear, control and attachment.

I wrote a deeper article on the subject here, which you might like to explore...


How Interdimensional Entities influence Daily Life

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