Rebecca I see your point - I sense what you're saying is that knowing needs no proof? But maybe we need to expand our understanding of 'evidence' and why people might look for it. Because to me, I see truth at the heart of all distortion.

To us at Openhand, to be truly enlightened - and therefore beyond ego - self awareness must come unhindered through all aspects of bodily consciousness, including the mind - which is of course a tremendous tool in this reality.

I'm sure you'll agree we live in a relativistic reality. But what does that mean in terms of "the truth"? To me, it means everything manifest is relative, meaning I only know 'up' in relation to 'down', I only know 'hot' in relation to 'cold', 'love' in relation to what love is not. What is the consequence of this (relativistic) truth?

It means that it becomes impossible to experience absolute truth through a relativistic experience. We are only ever seeing a perspective on relativistic reality, including when you feel it through the heart space, for example - there is no absolute truth to your exprience. It is only ever a perspective.

So you might feel something - the light that shines from a master like Jesus for example, or the Buddha etc etc. But even this is only relativistic - a perception that you have in relation to something else. We could call it 'evidence' of an experience - but not saying this is definitely what it is - because that would be to postulate an absolute statement, and absolute cannot be experienced, because that's where everything merges back into the one. Hence in the condition of the absolute, there is no 'this' or 'that', therefore no experience at all.

What might 'evidence' mean in this case where there is no absolute phenomenal experience?

What I put to you is that what we're really perceiving is a relativistic, multidimensional, landscape, that the soul may navigate through so as to find greater alignment. To me, this is totally in accord with the natural workings of the Universe, which seems to be resolving itself through all situations to find ever greater harmony - quantum science would call it an increase in order (neg entropy).

So, the soul also works to find alignment through the vehicle of the mind too. Which again, I would say, is totally authentic and natural in this 3D environment.

Therefore it seems totally natural to me that people would want to find mind based perceptions that click into place with their landscape - 'evidence' - so that the soul can work towards greater alignment through a constantly reshaping inner landscape.

I find for example, synchronicity when observed only as a feeling, often leads people astray in this realm when not also 'triangulated' against what is perecived through the mind. It makes people a degree aloof sometimes and ungrounded.


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