Well done Open & Aspasia & everyone who contributed to that movie . Its not easy to explain how all those intricate aspects of the Intervention works + how to work with them  - so i take my hat off to the Whole Team to have managed to put it all together . On my own level , i can see , sense , feel how it impacts people , every day , everywhere & how it tries to bring me to an old version of myself .  I rarely meet anyone who feels less impacted . It has subtly invited me to take distance with former friends & Family members since last year - it was necessary to clear many energetic boundaries with accurate awareness . Today , a woman that i sometimes  cross ( she works for a social organisation nearby ) told me openly that most people she is dealing with  every week  btend to be more neglecting than before on a behavior level - which i immediately acknowledged openly . She is the only radiant being i crossed today among many i crossed .She must know a way to stay aligned with her Soul without living the impact as much as others , thats clear .  Often , i ask myself , why is it that so many out there look / feel to be so unhappy / ungrateful / stressed up / impatient / in a hurry / in a lack of overall awareness ?  while " Having " so much materialistically and not living in a country or a region where catastrophic events take place right now . Well , the rootcauses are so well described in the Paradigm Shift movie & how to work with that ( On top of karma / personal subconscious baggages ) . I have regularly offered to people to work with their issues ( painting clients often talk about their lives to me + some of their issues ) but many dont want or resit some Support to help them out ...well , what i sense is that Opposing consciousness infuse subtly more resistance energy for them to hook on a bit longer . Not an issue for me as i am very flexible & understanding of those complexe energetic dynamics . 

I took time to watch it - by parts until now and will watch the last part when it feels right this week . 

Sending loads of support & gratitude for having learned so much about this very delicate subject of our invisible reality & True History . It provided me and for many Openhanders across the planet the clear evidences & proofs that something Huge is going on for a long time . Even in very sacred places that i was drown to (South India , South West of Usa , Uk , France ) i came to understand that the Intervention has constantly been disrupting their energetic fields . That said , i have also always been connected as well to a Higher Benevolent Team of beings working at unraveling that intervention & showing me how it works ...as to drop all judgments of why , how much , how painful , how crazy it is . 

Much soft love , Jean Bluehopi