One of the key issues I felt to communicate in the PARADIGM SHIFT documentary, is how an irreversible event line is now unfolding in terms of the breakdown of our biosphere. This is really important to hoist on board, to normalise and equalise in the new environment of profound change, driven by abrupt climate change.

As I said in the movie, the Arctic is now practically without summer ice. It's likely that in the next few years, we will see no sea ice on the summer. This is absolutely phenomenal, and will impact the weather systems across the globe in very severe ways. Firstly it changes the movement of the jetstreams which will cause unpredictable storms, floods, droughts and wild fires (see the video below). Secondly, as the ice melts, rather than being a reflector of the suns warming rays, it now actually absorbs them - thus accelerating the heating effect. That's not to mention the heating up of Greenland, and the permafrost methane which is many times more warming than CO2. This will also progressively increase the amount of water vapour in the air, which is also a strong global warming 'blanket'.

It's essential we pay attention to this things going on around us, so that we may prepare mentally, emotionally, physically and karmically for what transpires. It means that you become completely accepting of the situation and so can unleash soul through it - we make more aligned soul choices, and therefore become increasingly aligned with the flow into the Higher Paradigm.

Here's the video for your inquiry...

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