Hey all!


The explanation Aspasia gave in the video of the hooking in has been of tremendous help to me as well as your talking about the channeling aspect of knowledge exchange Open.


I can definitely say I've had a lot of experiences in this life, but just knowing and or finding clues as to what is happening is so helpful its not funny.


I try not to shut down, or shut out the world at large when I don't understand sometimes things that happen. Yet if I did not do this, I'm not sure the answers would come to me and apparently I forgot to bring my manual of all things spiritual when I was born, so those moments of oh God I'm a deer caught in the headlights please send help tend to make me want to just run not walk in fifty different directions until I find the answer that at the very least feels sufficient for me!


I've had a few terrifying spiritual happenstances over the years and as much as I hate to put on my what is this, have you not met me face on, it just seems to have to be done in order for me to at the very least understand the why's hows who's and whatnot's of life.


Sometimes I feel like God and the universe were having a heck of a joke when the dream came to me to find this site. Seems most of you are very enlightened and here I am still getting nauseous on the swingsets of life and running amok in a field of flowers or turning left instead of right when I see the incoming people signs! But, trudging ahead I go with all my vast plethora of moments at hand and I wholeheartedly agree. The end is definitely nigh. Even I don't want to or cant be deluded by this fact.


So thank you, thank you all so much for the information and knowledge given here! Oh and that song is definitely a good one!