Hi Alex (and all reading this PARADIGM SHIFT thread),

In the Openhand philosophy, the spirit light body is connected through the crown chakra, and support movement inter dimensionally - to shift your centre of focus into different dimensions and realms of existence. I’ve explained how that works in this article….. the Seven Bodily Vehicles of Expression.

Essentially, you have to process through lower density to unleash enough consciousness to infuse this higher vibrational vehicle. When active, it feels like an incredible sense of lightness and interconnectivity. You start to live in the deeper meaning and metaphor, connected intimately with the natural flow, where all makes sense. You’re experiencing streaming synchronicity and understanding the purpose of the engagements that you then manifest - you still have to work through one’s lessons, but it becomes quickly obvious what the lessons are about.

When you embody it, the feelings begins as the activation of a bubble of lightness above the crown, which you then breathe down into, and around, the physical body. This part feels, to me, a little like working to push an air filled balloon under water (within yourself).

The spirit light body is easily confused both with the Higher Self, and a 4D bubble that is disassociated from the lower densities. How to tell the difference?

- connection to the higher self tends to come first, after awakening and committing to the spiritual path - as a moment by moment conscious choice. It will often appear externally metaphored through signs and synchronicity or through dreams, or through power animals. It’s working to connect lower and higher self, and as this process integrates, you’ll be bouncing in and out of lightness, and frequently into density

- there’s quite a tendency in spiritual mainstream to want to disassociate from the lower densities to get out of the challenges and difficulty. This is often done through some form of pranic breathing that brings you up into the 4D. Being in such a 4D bubble can feel like the spirit light body, but there are crucial differences. Firstly the flow tends to be much slower, where signs and synchronicity are more spasmodic rather than streaming. There’s an ungroundedness with it and a kind of aloofness. A disconnect. You often witness it in people through a lack of awareness through the eyes for example - as if they’re not fully here.

Activating the spirit light body, and living in it, is advanced spirituality. There is a fair old journey to activate it - passing through the 5GATEWAYS. It’s associated with passing through the 5th Gateway as we’ve outlined in the 5GATEWAYS documentary.

In loving support

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