Hi Open,

Feeling inspired after watching the Paradigm Shift documentary and reading the above posts in response to the documentary throughout the week! Thanks for all the efforts of those who helped in creating it, I am sure many people are going to benefit from watching this! Somehow your above post titled 'Evidence' as touch points in a multidimensional landscape really resonated and spiked for me, because of the simple way in which you put words to the relativity-absolute paradox I often find myself caught up in! I will have to stick it up somewhere, so that I can re-read it frequently, particularly these passages:

It means that it becomes impossible to experience absolute truth through a relativistic experience. We are only ever seeing a perspective on relativistic reality, including when you feel it through the heart space, for example - there is no absolute truth to your experience. It is only ever a perspective.

So you might feel something - the light that shines from a master like Jesus for example, or the Buddha etc etc. But even this is only relativistic - a perception that you have in relation to something else. We could call it 'evidence' of an experience - but not saying this is definitely what it is - because that would be to postulate an absolute statement, and absolute cannot be experienced, because that's where everything merges back into the one. Hence in the condition of the absolute, there is no 'this' or 'that', therefore no experience at all.