Glad it helped Marije,

This sense of the Enlightened experience is indeed a tremendous paradox. It's being and not being simultaneously. Absolute truth (presence) and relativistic truth (a perspective) must exist simultaneously. It feels like a flow of nothingness through life.

The question is, how to attain and be in this state?

Firstly (another paradox), it is not to be attained - you can't attain it, because the very efforting to do that takes you away from it. It happens naturally as we confront what stands between us an this state, which in itself, is entirely natural and authentic - like falling off a log. Most people are efforting to be something they are not, including a spiritual identity (which they might equate to something 'they should be' - like the Buddha or Jesus for example), or else resisting what is presenting in the moment. Either the identification, or the resistance (which is often subconscious), keeps you out of that state of natural Enlightenment. That's why I'm constantly talking about the progressive confrontation of the moment and continual surrender into what is.

On the path, you'll find you come into moments of intense lucidity. It's like the bubble of reality explodes within you. Suddenly there's an intimate penetration through it, with crystal clear clarity of awareness, as if no one is here. Crucially there's no trying to be, or do, anything. In this place, the whole world could fall apart and it wouldn't matter, because you see the ridiculous illusion of it all.

In the beginning though, this state will not likely remain long. Because soul then emerges from it and goes right back into other circumstances where soul identifies, which creates polarity and then pops you right back out again. It becomes frustrating, because it's only after a while that you realise you've slipped out of it. Then there's another surrender, another explosion of the bubble, and you find yourself laughing at yourself or kicking yourself in the ass for being so bloody stupid (as to identify).

So the next phase on the journey of Enlightenment is then a popping in and out, over time. But the times when you're truly in presence - the non identified state - start to lengthen and join up, until one magical day, when it becomes like a continual line: presence is constantly there, and no matter what is going on, you are always touching it. Or rather it is penetrating through you. You - ceases at this point, or at least what you through was You.

But even this isn't the end of the story - it's really just the beginning. There's then the continual exploration and expression of this (enlightened) state - the embodiment of it through life's myriad of experiences. And really, there is nothing else going on. If you contemplate deeply the Universe and where it emerged from, you realise this is simply what the Universe itself is naturally doing. You realise that everything prior to this state was simply illusion, and this is where life takes off (at least, what I can say, is that this is what happened for me way back down the path).

What I'm personally working on at the moment, is building a phenomenal relativistic reflection of presence as a deeply grounded experience in my psyche. So for example I've just spent two days on Dartmoor wild camping - at the rocks where we shot PARADIGM SHIFT. I was simply contemplating the stones for two days - their grace, longevity and resilience - their immovability even in the face of the matrix (holiday makers buzzing around!). I was able to touch those qualities as an experience around the Void of Presence within myself. They helped me attune the experience.

To stay in that place (which is what my soul is naturally yearning for), I've found requires a 50:50 split focus - which I think would help anyone reading also to touch the state of enlightened grace through life and stay there: 50% of one's active awareness is always turned inwards and attuned to the rock steady sense of resilience, longevity and grace (of the rocks), whilst the other 50% is looking outwards and attuning the soul to life's general circumstances - what naturally presents in the flow. Meanwhile, through all of it, is the inviolable sense of nothingness - the empty presence. Just to reiterate, my reflection to you is that this is entirely natural, so what I'\m really encouraging is an acceleration into what naturally wants to happen.

I had a lovely synchronicity of that this morning whilst down at the local river bank. I've been getting a lot of Swan energy recently (an invitation to come into grace), and watched this particular swan swimming very majestically. I'd heard from someone that: "Swans are graceful on the surface whilst flapping underneath". But that's not what I saw at all. This swan was both graceful on the top, but also with smooth and powerful strokes under the surface. But the best synchronicity of all, was that it was swimming only with one leg - the other was neatly resting on top of its body, out of the water: 50% inwards and 50% outwards!

Don't you just love nature - the answers are all there.

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