«But even this isn't the end of the story - it's really just the beginning. There's then the continual exploration and expression of this (enlightened) state - the embodiment of it through life's myriad of experiences. And really, there is nothing else going on. If you contemplate deeply the Universe and where it emerged from, you realise this is simply what the Universe itself is naturally doing. You realise that everything prior to this state was simply illusion, and this is where life takes off (at least, what I can say, is that this is what happened for me way back down the path).»

I am totally with you Open `till here.


Before when I felt I had a role in society now all that is transparent/ impermeable.

 Before I felt like one fysical me and one spirit me devided in a crazy game

After Vipassana in 2011 the concionuss process began for me. 

I think I understand when you describe the 50/50 attention/awareness. 

To me it seems more like the awareness expands, in every way.

When in the beginning I felt I had to observe in, and out, NOW feel like entangeled with everything (time, body, energy) where everything gets more intensive. Nothing goes in loops any more and all new experienses are new.

Sometimes when it expands fast I tend to get migraine or fever so that my body takes rest to keep up. 

The energy that comes with conciosness is something I am currently working with. I am amazed of the power that comes with a wake concious awarness and I have alot to learn from this expanding reality I live in.

A man in India told me with no words that I do not have to understand everything. It helps me to stay awake 🙏❤️

Edit to add 

Nature provides 🙏

If I am where I am supposed to be, I feel all flows through me. It is like a stream of constant flow where the communication lies in vibration on different frequenses. 

I feel humans and nature on these frequenses like a spider on its web. This is why I wont live in the city any more. 

The flow confirms and informs. 

If my body is not clean and lean the flow gets tangeled up. Same with ego-thoughts that cuts the flow.

Within the flow is everything. Within us 🙏❤️