I read the quoted here "Uninhabitable Earth" article in NY Mag and it made me think about the narratives we're taking on. Also, an interesting topic has been brought up here, namely: what stories are we telling ourselves? Where are all these stories coming from?

There is a multitude of false narratives constantly broadcasted (some with intervals for a better “believability” effect, so they feel like they’re hidden from the public). The large body of those messages seem to be creating a certain cohesive reality as well as compliance in people. The tactics employed to entrench some of those narratives are similar to bio-warfare as they create chaos and trauma in people’s nervous systems (please do not take me at my word, feel it yourself, if you wish). These stories entrench themselves, form belief systems that are then propagated by individuals. So, who do you trust to deliver the truth about your reality? Do you feel assertions that are put out there in print with a nice photo are the truth? Do you trust the scientific body to deliver your truth? Who are the figures of authority whose truth you take on as your own? Where do you get disempowered? What is driving the very need for having your reality thoroughly explained? Can you hold some elements of your reality just as possibilities? These are such important questions because we usually grossly underestimate how much of our awareness is actually borrowed.


The name of the game is consciousness, so it is of importance what we are perpetuating with your attention and what are we inciting in others. Is it conscious? Do you feel the necessity of convincing others of your truth? Why? What belief systems are you emotionally invested into? It is an awesome exploration that may shed light at the wounds or blind spots we all are carrying.


Getting back to the mind control topic: The article quoted here earlier is to me a great example of mind control in action (in fact, it is a really awesome example because it attempts to incite fear around the 3 main pillars of apocalypse programming, such as fear of war, cataclysm and plague). It is an old program (I call it a program because it acts like a software in your nervous system) mainly perpetuated by religions and cults over millennia. As you take a closer look, this particular article attempts to engage the limbic system, it has a certain rhythm that induces a semi-hypnotic state, it’s riddled with slippery slope fallacies, lacks broader context, contains exaggerations of factors (the bit on Syrian war) that lead the reader to the inevitable conclusion that is presented over and over and over again (by repetition your brain gets to internalize a message bypassing the prefrontal cortex). That’s your alarmist programming in a pure form. Further, it breathlessly goes over dramatic arguments without the smallest break to think. That’s because you are not supposed to think! It’s not meant to explain anything, it just puts it out to you in the most digestible form – via the limbic system language of fight-or-flight.


So, what happens when you take on this kind of belief system, you meditate on it, you tell your friends? You embody it. I’m not advocating denial or the “stay positive” stance. But if you fear a cataclysm, why not going straight to the fear of death without taking on the whole belief system? We are on an individual journey, which to me is more of a destructive process. There is often a temptation to replace one belief system with another, more woke one, so you may feel like progressing, but in fact this may be just another iteration of the same, safe, false reality (been there, done that). But, hey, there is wisdom and a potential lesson in that too and who is to say you shouldn’t have that experience!