Hi Margaret - Aspasia can't respond because she's on silent retreat for a week. So I thought I would reply.

You say... "Be alarmed but tell the True story" - indeed.

But what is the truth? As you point out at the end, it's always a subjective perspective. And it becomes pointless then to say.... "this is the truth" or "that is not". Because everything in the phenomenal is relativistic in terms of the lens we each see through.

So what is the point of exploring relativistic truth at all?

I'd say because it creates a landscape through which we can self realise. And the more aligned the landscape is, the easier it becomes to feel the harmony of your soul through it. So we shift through continual iterations of rightness. Knowing you as I do, I'm sure you'd agree at least in part with this.

Turning to the article, I have read both it, and watched the youtube video created about it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9RlqNKmP-A)  and also how Scientists explain what New York Magazinearticle on “The Uninhabitable Earth” gets wrong. Personally I found his viewpoint very balanced and sober, not alarmist at all, in terms of confronting what I'm witnessing. Wherever I go for example (in near constantly travelling around the world), I witness the phenomenal acceleration of climate change in just a decade - like the hockey stick going vertical.

With regards to the scientific evidence, of course there are countless vested interests. Many scientists are paid to present 'the accepted view', to attack the non-accepted one, and have their funding revoked should they dare challenge the 'norm'. And the system seems bent on maintaining 'business as usual' (for which the evidence is everywhere!). One may consider this article alarmist, for me, in terms of the scientific data alone, I found it way too conservative in terms of the timescales it talks of. Much of what it described I personally see happening well before the turn of the century. I witness the acceleration of tipping point feedback loops going off the scale. To me, in terms of factual evidence, all we really need do is point to the lack of arctic summer ice and the impact that's clearly having on the jetstream, which is causing biblical weather patterns all across the northern hemisphere - which can only escalate. 

That said, personally, because the factual evidence is so conflicting, with so many vested interests, I tend not to rely on it hardly at all. For me, the plane of the intellect is only applied to create synchronistic feedback in terms of connecting with heart and higher mind. My number 1 source is Gaia herself. I witness what is going on around me, I feel deep into the field, ask, and then watch the synchronicity. In that, for me, the 'debate' has long since ended.

It's clear to me, we're looking at a rapid acceleration in the breakdown of the biosphere, which will lead to Uninhabitable Earth in just a few decades. And my greatest concern about saying that, is not that is might be an exaggeration, but that it is too conservative. In the PARADIGM SHIFT film I said I felt that we had just a "few decades" of viable 3D living left. What I didn't say, was that I also have the strong conviction that there are many alive today, who due to the effects of abrupt, radical climate change that is now unfolding, will not make it through another decade. The way things are going, I see that window closing day by day. These feelings are strongly reflected constantly by the Higher Dimensional Openhand Team working here with the Shift. I don't have scientific proof for this, it's more the conviction of the knowing of the flow as I perceive it, supported by 'spiking' synchronistic reflections by the Team, who've always helped make sense for me of what's going on. Besides, what scientific data could accurately predict the mechanism or speed by which an organism as complex as Gaia transforms?

My final, and main point though is, that what matters most, is our own personal journey of self-inquiry through what is taking place. Many reputable and balanced people are quoting these sorts of scenarios as being possible, and everywhere people are reporting the effects of 'biblical weather' patterns. Therefore "Uninhabitable Earth" is most definitely in our landscape of consideration and exploration - it's even seeping into the mainstream. I believe it would be alarming NOT to consider the worst possible case scenario of this. Because the essential thing is that we're able to normalise with what's taking place.

With this in mind, I ask all.... "What does it activate in you?" "What does it fire off?

And if we find our commentary at times becoming barded, or a degree projectional, then we certainly know it's fired off something within ourselves. To me that is the greatest challenge, and opportunity, of abrupt climate change. The possibilities facing us, are naturally so inflammatory and extreme, that they cut straight to our very existential beliefs, veils and karma. In that way, beyond the detail of what actually is happening, an enormous opportunity exists for each to realise themselves through they own evaluation of their truth.

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