I came across this study, which seems to have scientific credibility, that essentially demonstrates (amongst other aspects) the interconnectivity of various climate change tipping points when we get above 2 Centigrade above the industrial base (of the Paris Climate Agreement), and therefore implies (accurately to my mind) the severity of change of climate that can quickly kick off, taking us into "Hothouse Earth". Whether you agree or not, these kinds of viewpoints are now more frequently making the mainstream from respected scientists.

As I've said previously, personally my view comes more from feeling through the field and watching the synchronistic interplay, supported by the spiking resonance of higher dimensional consciousness. I think it's important to explore the possible impacts that we're facing, so as to normalise in the situation we face. The severity of the possibilities are to me so striking, as to make it irresponsible NOT to share for an honest and genuine inquiry. If fear or reaction kicks off, then it's a golden opportunity to explore through.