Hi Eddie,

I have a lot of respect for Suspicious Observers, and believe they do a lot of great impartial observation, so I embedded the video for you.

That said, when you asked "what do you think?", I had to chuckle! I 'think' there are so many differing viewpoints, so much variant information, lots of conflicting perspectives, that if we only came from the mind with what is really going on, we'd be highly unlikely to come up with an accurate picture. Plus it's a very complex situation. For example Suspicious Observers argue at times in favour of increased snow and ice, with flat warming temperatures. I've embedded one screen grab from the video below, which they use to demo ice and snow records toppling in the USA. But the question is why? On the same shot, you see the simultaneous warming in California. It's clear to me (at least) this is due to the slowing of the jetstream caused by the melting of the arctic. The jetstream used to create a barrier between cold latitudes and warm ones, so the cold weather is penetrating further deep down southwards and the hotter weather heading into the arctic...


I believe there's one thing we can all agree on when considering climate change - it is changing rapidly. If I ask the Universe the question "what's the greatest cause of this?" It's clear human activity is a major factor - not the only one though. As Suspicious Observers point out, the whole solar system is changing - to me, it's all changing in accordance with the Shift.

What I would say, is that the invitation is for each to inquire and feel the truth for themselves - to look at what's going on around them, what does Gaia reflect and say?

And then most importantly, what how does that invite me to change my behaviour?

Always great to hear from you - Blessings

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