Hi Open,

I hope Aspasia is having a nice quiet time at the retreat :-)


You said:

But what is the truth? As you point out at the end, it's always a subjective perspective. And it becomes pointless then to say.... "this is the truth" or "that is not". Because everything in the phenomenal is relativistic in terms of the lens we each see through. So what is the point of exploring relativistic truth at all? I'd say because it creates a landscape through which we can self realise. And the more aligned the landscape is, the easier it becomes to feel the harmony of your soul through it. So we shift through continual iterations of rightness."


I like it how you said it. I’m with you on this.  So you would agree then, that the climate theory as you’re relaying it here in articles and posts is your individual perspective based on your personal experience and make-up? It is a perfect framework for inquiry for your particular journey…


… A long time ago a terrible mistake has been made and as a result of that many beings were led astray. It was a very difficult and complex situation and it resulted in lots of suffering. The Team that works with you (and possibly you too) feel responsible for what happened. To not over influence is so important, but not nearly as important as to trust the Benevolence to find her way through people’s hearts. The greatest empowerment you can give another is to trust them. Trust that others will find the right information at the right time and process exactly what they are ready to process. To over-influence could be to disclose something to which there is a resistance because then thee is a possibility of derailing others from their natural journey – this may be a shortcut too, and also one that may lead to complications.


I feel like saying this to you and and anybody who's reading: 

Once in a while there comes a time when we are called to access and express some very old experiences, feelings, somatic memories. They were longing for so long to come out from the shadowy realms of the unconscious. Now is that time. Grab a witness – may it be the starry sky, garden at dusk, or a stream. Allow your witness to be present as you are illuminating the darkness and welcoming the previously unseen or unwelcomed parts of you back into your heart. Open your body to sadness, perhaps even blame or self-abandonment and raw tender vulnerability. Whatever feelings arise, when allowed, will reveal a portal through which you can step back into yourself and be reminded yet again about the deep wisdom of a broken heart.


We all will be fine. We’ve been preparing for a long time, you know? Could you trust that? Would you trust us, Open?


With tons of love.