Dear Jennaya,

I like reading your posts here as I feel gentleness and depth in them (plus I know you as such person in real life). Life on a boat seems like an interesting experience bringing up consciousness around consumption and the livable space. Must be a strange contrast – the scarcity of the decks in comparison to the vastness of the ocean…. Do you fee them both? – the expansion of the surrounding water body and the contracting smallness of the cabins? I have never been on a boat!


Funny that you mention 6 months and how you began feeling something happening with the Earth. I have been feeling an increasing connection with the Earth over that very period of time. It is a good feeling, like we are compatible now.


The part of my post you quoted kind of flew from under my fingers and it strangely activated something in me too, especially the last sentence:


“So, who do you trust to deliver the truth about your reality? Do you feel assertions that are put out there in print with a nice photo are the truth? Do you trust the scientific body to deliver your truth? Who are the figures of authority whose truth you take on as your own? Where do you get disempowered? What is driving the very need for having your reality thoroughly explained? Can you hold some elements of your reality just as possibilities? These are such important questions because we usually grossly underestimate how much of our awareness is actually borrowed."


You had such interesting realizations around that and they made me ponder further. Especially around the terms we use sometimes without having deeper realization of what they mean. You mention the 5D shift and it’s a term we use here and in our conversations quite a bit. But what does it really truly mean to me? I just took this phrase off my language until I catch a deeper sense of it. So, thank you for sharing, Jennaya!


With love.