Hi Margaret,

You said..

So you would agree then, that the climate theory as you’re relaying it here in articles and posts is your individual perspective based on your personal experience and make-up? It is a perfect framework for inquiry for your particular journey…

Yes...and No.

We're in a consensus reality, are we not? We're drawn together by common bonds and threads, common resonances. Yet each with their own particular story in this. From the beginning of my incarnation here in 2002, I've drawn attention to predominant deceptions and illusions of how people are caused to perceive the karmic construct. I should hasten to add though, I've never said... "this is how it is". You've attended plenty of Openhand courses and gatherings, in which you'll recognise I've presented a personal perspective, yes, but then invited people to inquire about their own truth within that framework. The work is very transformational - which I've witnessed in you too - because it tends to spike and resonate threads of truth about the nature of our reality that people can accurately feel as a reflection of their own truth - it touches at a soul level. This is what causes the breakdown of karma and the emergence of soul. If the perspective wasn't accurate in relating to reality at a collective level, it wouldn't have this kind of effect.

I believe one of the greatest deceptions going, is that of climate change. I witness it stems from the very intervention itself, which has been trying (but has essentially failed) to create a synthetic reality, contained by geo-engineering. And the greatest deception within that, is causing people to disempower themselves by creating confusion, denial, deferral and projection. We're caused to look outside and point the finger, rather than inside and taking personal responsibility. Because that's the only way (to my mind) real and lasting change can happen. I see a reflection that I don't like, whereupon I ask..... "why am I seeing that reflection? What does it invite in me?" Essentially..."why did I manifest it?"

A classic example is geo-engineering by the so called "elites". In the spiritual mainstream I so often hear it as the "cause for so much climate chaos". I agree, it is indeed causing a degree of climate confusion. But what about the 100 million barrels of oil the collective consumes daily in society? What about the 65 billion grazing creatures that are reared and slaughtered year on year? (which some now recgonise as the number 1 cause of CO2 emissions). What about our pandemic level of consumption? The destruction of 50% of the trees and 50% of the wildlife in the last 200 years alone?

People point the finger at the dangerous behaviours of the fracking companies, for example. But fracking wouldn't be economically viable if we didn't exploit electricity the way we do. So if fracking appears on your landscape today - then the reflection is asking what can you do to reduce your own personal consumption? Or if chemtrails appear, how can I reduce my own emissions? If the "elites" appear on my landscape, ask, "how am I giving my power away?"

What I'm also saying is that transformation is NOT about "saving our reality". The reality construct is a mirroring reflection for self-realisation. If you knew the world would end tomorrow, would you still plant that apple tree today? Some would say... "there's no point". The point is: does it represent an accurate reflection of you? If it does, then do it. This is the power the Intervention has been working so hard to remove by creating a collective ignorance, denial, deferral or projection - anything to prevent the inner exploration, the actualisation of soul, because that's when they lose their grip. If there's an ice age coming, then maybe we don't have to worry about global warming! There is no ice age. It's just another illusion (but don't take my word for it!).

I also want to say that, NO, I am not working on my own. Openhand is NOT a personal subjective perspective. It is my life, and my daily 'business', to be tuned into a Team of Consciousness that is committed to supporting the Shift - what I call "Openhand". It is a Team that is working with the various cosmic soul groups that have gathered together around the Earth through this Great Realignment. So it's a moment by moment personal commitment to that endeavour and those connections. They are as real to me, as anything phenomenal in a 3D sense. So what I work to do, is make myself open to guidance and synchronistic reflections that point towards a multidimensional landscape of which the Shift is a part, and climate change an element within that.

Do I have my own personal journey in that too? Yes, of course. Just as everyone does.

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