No matter which way the climate goes my actions on a day to day basis are going to be the same and evolving. In my business I serve industries that consume energy in large amounts. Two of my customers are using the equivalent energy of 10 households each!! At both it is a constant balancing act to see if I can reduce their consumption of electricity and still get the job done. Would it be better if they closed their doors? Someone else would just take their market share and do it less responsibly. Then was anything gained? We are ALL creating our part in this breaking down of the biosphere. I Just do not for one second believe that it is all humans to blame. The percent we are responsible is not clear. I drive a small car that gets 30 mpg for my business. Most other service people drive vans or trucks. We heat with waste wood from a sawmill that would get dumped into a pile and set on fire if no one bought it. Could I do better? I ask myself this quite often. The best is the enemy of the good too. Namaste brother Open.