Hi Eddie,

Knowing you as I do, I believe we're on the same page. You said...

Two of my customers are using the equivalent energy of 10 households each!! At both it is a constant balancing act to see if I can reduce their consumption of electricity and still get the job done. Would it be better if they closed their doors? Someone else would just take their market share and do it less responsibly. Then was anything gained? We are ALL creating our part in this breaking down of the biosphere. 

I've followed the path (of consumption) backwards to nth degree, until I'd given up practically everything but what I could comfortably carry and was consuming the absolute minimum just to get by. But then I reached a kind of dead-end. I realised I couldn't go any further in this body. Because it was hybridised to fit within a system - in itself it is a part of the system.

We could all become organic famers, consuming as consciously as possible and living in low impact houses. But then I ask, what other creature on the planet shapes the landscape for farming? What other creature needs a house to live in? And how much acreage would each person get? What about the space that all the other creatures are entitled to - the slugs and the bugs? I've been an organic gardener on a 1/3 of an acre, and kept having to relocate the slugs and the bugs just to get any kind of harvest. We'd still be 7billion people needing to shape in one way or another and deprive others of what is right for them too. We're far past the Original Human of being completely at-one with everything on 3D Earth. Can we go back there? Although my heart yearns for it, I don't believe its possible in this Homo Sapiens vehicle.

Being conscious about consumption doesn't mean to me that everything should stop. The irony is, that as soon as civilisation collapses you get an immediate warming effect of a couple of degrees due to a reduction in industrial gases that actually reflect the sun! Neither does being conscious mean we adopt the strategy of always consuming the least. It doesn't mean I should always eat plant-based. It doesn't mean I should do this or that, where this or that becomes just another strategy. There is no "perfect" here on earth.

And so how might we best navigate this crucible of profound transformation? I believe (from my own exploration) it is to ask, "what is right now?" And by "right", I don't mean right as in "right" and "wrong" - there is no "right" and "wrong"! There is what's given by the flow in the moment, that which serves the greater collective good (which I believe is working toward the shift). Maybe I go to a restaurant that is less conscious, but in so doing, connect with someone which changes their lives, who then goes on to change other people's lives.

I live consciously. I consume the minimum. Yet my air-miles footprint is astronomic. But when I buy every single ticket, I tune in and ask, "is this given?" If the feeling synchronicity says, "yes", I do it, but I don't if not. And in fulfilling that task, it's never about the outcome, but much more about my own self-realisation in the process. It's that commitment I make to the shift. If I align myself with the movement itself, which will include flowing through the matrix, then I witness I have the maximum realigning affect.

So if it feels conscious and right - as in, with the flow - to work for customers who are gas guzzlers, then so be it. "Let he who is without 'sin' cast the first stone." It certainly won't be me projecting!

Thanks for your open hearted honesty.

Open Heart