Hi Open,

You keep bringing up how the Openhand work was beneficial to me and I wonder if you feel I’m trying to undermine it here. Not at all! It was and still is groundbreaking for me. I could probably write a 10-page-long testimonial on how effective and opening the approach is. Hahaha! My hope is that there is no doubt about that J


I’m just not quite into the way you present your climate idea and the vacuum it creates around other takes and issues that we could be exploring. It feels narrow, like a tunnel and forceful (as opposed to powerful). But this is your website and you can do whatever suits you.


When you talk climate, there is no spaciousness in it, no room to wiggle. It sounds more like a fixed concept than an exploration. And there is no true possibility for a debate neither as you open a space for reflections only around your concept, only between A and B. I think the proselytizing stance can eventually make people mimic things, but I don’t think you can force their hearts.


At times you will feel resistance or tense silence coming your way, because what you’re really saying to people is: “You are not enough, just as you are… if you only realized what I realized, if you only knew what I know we would all be better off, and I want that for you and for me.”


All this made me think that perhaps what we can offer to others is to be available. Another gift would be to appreciate them as they are with what they think; and also trust the way they are/think is just right. That would be the fruit of this experience and this inquiry for me. <3


With love and gratitude