Hi Anatoly,

In the part you quoted I wasn’t talking about the climate change, or any idea in particular. I was talking about us (me, you, people) insisting on sharing a concept, any concept and wanting to convince others.


As for your reflection on change I feel the same! My excitement springs straight from curiosity. To me the change is happening as this moment merges with the next. There is nothing to wait for. I feel I mostly lost interest in predictions. They seem silly as the future keeps changing with our current consciousness shifts. I see clusters of events as possibilities and us as setting trajectories with our consciousness to meet them. Therefore it would seem that what mostly matters is to be in alignment with the Soul in this moment and perhaps the next one that's emerging. And give my energy only to this very moment, not any other one. Just stay with what is happening now.


Good to be seen and I see you too, Anatoly.


With love