Hi Treebrother and Anatoly - great to see you sharing your warmth and love here. Heart

Margaret, I'd just like to pick up on this one thing you said...

When you talk climate, there is no spaciousness in it, no room to wiggle. It sounds more like a fixed concept than an exploration. And there is no true possibility for a debate neither, as you open a space for reflections only around your concept, only between A and B. 

I can acknowledge a degree of truth in this, and for this main reason....

Openhand is connecting with people from many varied backgrounds who've all come from different inquiries, which makes the community wonderfully colourful. But I witness that this viewpoint we're putting forwards here - namely abrupt climate change as a catalyst for the cleansing of the 3D and Shift into 5D - and specifically the mechanism by which we're saying it's occurring, doesn't have any kind of platform elsewhere, at least not in what I consider to be the accuracy of this form. What I witness, to my mind, is a great deal of confused thinking which is inadvertently deceiving people and leading them astray (yes, that's a subjective view, which I'm constantly exploring and adjusting - nevertheless, it's a strong feeling for me in terms of what I witness). So it feels to me, and those in the ether Openhand works with, to express in a clear, concise, focussed and passionate way about this main central theme, so that it sends out a crystal clear bell-note, with no fuzziness or half truths. Hence the impetus to produce the PARADIGM SHIFT movie, which is quite unequivocal about it, and for which, I make no apology whatsoever.

Quite simply, this is what Openhand is about. It is not a generalised debating portal. It's clearly putting forwards a philosophy and concept for the Shift and inviting people to inquire within that. There's never been a hiding of that fact, it's always been stated clearly and openly, right from the outset. If people don't resonate with it, cease to gain from it, or prefer to explore elsewhere, well the door is always open. Slightly Smiling

Namaste. Praying Emoji