Hi Open, Margaret (and all fellow Openhanders),

There is an interesting debate shaping up here which, for me at least somehow also reflects the greater processes that we can now witness globally. I've read somewhere that during a geomagnetic reversal, there is a transition phase with 3 or 4 north and south poles existing parallelly at the same time.  'As inside so outside': there is now a similar mutipolarity of opinions here on the forum. :)

Open, first and foremost, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for Paradigm Shift, the new Openhand video. Especially for the energy it is radiating into the world. <3 I was reading your above article in the morning on my phone, travelling on the underground. Having gotten off the train, I saw an elderly lady falling off the escalator, only a few steps above me. (We helped her back on her feet, fortunately she got away with minor injuries). To me, it seemed very synchronistic with the part you wrote about 'feelings of dizziness, disconnection and ungroundedness'. 

Hi Margaret :),

I feel we are birds of a feather and the sharing the similarities and differences of our paths with each other has had an incredible uplifting effect on me! But I hope you know that very well.:)
I fully agree with you that awareness cannot be borrowed: being awakened means continuously questioning all our motivations, stories, conditionings, beliefs. Of course it also applies to teachings. This is very important. All our identities, be they spiritual or not, must be peeled off so that our innermost essence may shine through all that we say or do. All teachings are "like rafts that carry you to the other shore. The raft is needed, but the raft is not the other shore. " Of course I also agree that we have to avoid mimicking the teacher. In my particular case, even despite the enormous positive impact of his philosophy and energy on my life, I could not say that I always agree with every detail of Open's teachings - this is just not possible, at least not in my view.  

What I would like to say however to all reading this, that in my view, sometimes it does happen that one of us, just like Open in this particular case, has simply been given to deliver a certain message, and to do it basically at any price. Why I can fully understand this is very personal. I was only six when I shared the following 'message' with my 'audience' (family) that time, saying: "We shall be the last generation on Earth". Ever since, I have lived my life with the knowing that one day (not necessarily in the distant future) some sort of global closure will come to pass. (I also know I am not the only one feeling this). And before Open could even share his views on his scenario of a possible ending, I had seen a completely identical vision - in a meditation in Glastonbury back in 2014. At that time, I had no idea what this vision was all about. All I could see in that 'video' were the Earth and the Sun with the black space in the background, the two being in a very strange interaction with one another. It was when I got home, that in an afternoon, all of a sudden the ending scene of a movie started to play automatically on my computer. Only then could I understand what the vision was all about, 3:33 in the video here:

Can I be sure about the fulfillment of such "prophecies"? Of course not. Am I positive that it will come to pass? In my heart, most definitely. Consciously and subconsciously, this 'knowing' has been penetrating everything I do or say, since my childhood. As I also shared with Margaret in a correspondence a few months ago, earliear this year I had to relive the feelings of the demise of an entire planet. A several months long process of mourning, with waves of feelings strangely familiar somehow. "There is no way I am doing this for the first time!" - my first rection was. And as all grieving properly done, this one also brought some sort of relief eventually. 

So, this is my very personal perspective on the shape of the things to come.  

As for other aspects of the ongoing changes, I personally witness raging agression spreading like wildfire in the world (including but not limited to my home country) and a plethora of other synchronistic catastrophic events with increasing frequency pointing in the similar direction. Just think of the collapse of the Genoa bridge yesterday, at least the fifth similar event involving bridges in a few months time. Symbolic? It is up to each of us to decide. For me, it most definitely is.

with love to you all <3,