Hi Marc, your sharing bowls me over.

The video clip is of course from that incredible film "Knowing". The scene you quote, pretty much depicts exactly some of the visions I saw when I incarnated during a car crash in 2002. Was that prophecy? No. Everything I've seen since, has synhcronistically confirmed it as "future-landing-now". Of course I am still open for that to be wrong, for it to adapt and change, if it's meant to be. But nothing I've heard in the 'debate' here has thus far caused any natural deviation from that view. And I believe the viewpoint to be so important, that I would be doing myself and others an injustice if I diluted the visions to embrace other, hypothetical trajectories. Where's the deeper Feeling/Knowing synchronistic resonance/proof?

I would commend the film "Knowing" to everyone. It also contains some tremendous metaphor of the Shift (although it does unduly limit by age - which of course I don't concur with).

Thankyou so much for sharing. I observe how time and again, the synchronicities you pick up, have a deep resonance with what I also perceive as the flow.

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