Hi Open,


I hear and understand what you're saying. 

It’s never been the actual message you are conveying that spiked my attention, but the way it’s been presented recently. So, it seems it wasn't a "debate" after all, but more like few monologues :-) But it’s ok and there is nothing more to add as I have expressed it all pretty much to the best of my ability. I feel the experience is complete and the lessons were learned well.


I do, of course, respect the fact that this is your website and you wish to focus on your concepts and nobody is forced to come here obviously :-)


With love and respect. 


Dear Mark!

It’s good to see you. The bit you shared about people having a message for others made me think that there is a strong tendency that exists in human groups to isolate some individuals and put them in a position of authority (due to their skills, talents, perceived connections with the Divine, even external beauty, etc.). As I was having my morning coffee today I wondered what would happen if we stopped doing that even for a moment, just to the best of our ability… how would it change our sense of empowerment and sovereignty? how would it affect our relationship with ourselves? And finally how would it change our connection with the Divine, God, Benevolence?


I feel there is a tremendous potential in each individual and loosening the need for a figure of authority, an external leader/messenger allows us to tap into it so much more! I feel we’re all equally important and just inspire one another all the time with our individual expressions. There is this wonderful interconnectedness that exists and with that I feel this sense of equality and shared experience. What follows, just for a moment at the time is the sense that even the individuality slowly blurs away and is nothing but a human concept.


Perhaps we don’t even dare to imagine that we, the regular folks having regular experience are our own and the true Messengers of the Divine! My heart opens wide when I feel into that J Oh, my goodness, think of the potential of that!