Hi Margaret,

I think this is really aligned, and good that you expressed....

Perhaps we don’t even dare to imagine that we, the regular folks having regular experience are our own and the true Messengers of the Divine! My heart opens wide when I feel into that. Oh, my goodness, think of the potential of that!

Are we not all "regular folks?" Are we not all "ordinary".....ordinary in our extraordinaryness!
Because everyone is special, totally unique, with a role to play, which is divinely theirs.

That's why the number 1 passion in Openhand is to celebrate the tremendous diversity of beingness and uniqueness in all, to constantly encourage that to emerge, why so much time and energy is given to it.

And when you find something in yourself that feels so clear, and so strong, and so aligned, something that you've tested 24/7 to the nth degree, again and again, pulled it apart, challenged and challenged again. When your conviction is so clear, like a bell, that no matter who around you doubts or judges, yet still you come up with the same answer, the same note; when you find that, I believe what happens, is you feel the incredible passion to want to sing it out. At least that's what's happened for me.

What I observe then is, that in this deeply challenged and confused place, it does, for a time, seem to set you apart. And I believe that's probably necessary, for a time. Because perhaps what you're given to share, needs to gain some traction, and be considered in the purity of its form. Without dilution.

Maybe this is how a new consensus reality begins? Maybe that's what it takes? Maybe just one spark realising itself to the maximum, causes others to realise themselves to the maximum. And then as you say, after some time, after many moons of dedicated self-realisation and confronting one's own personal karma, there'll be "a wonderful interconnectedness that exists, and with that, a sense of equality and shared - aligned - experience". 

What I believe we can all agree on, is that we're not anywhere near that point right now, in terms of the injustice, inequity and disharmony that is daily metered out to the vast majority of sentient life here. I do believe - witness - that the disharmony has reached such pandemic proportions, that life itself is calling for the massive shift, the massive realignment that is now building and gathering in the field. I believe the Shift itself is expressing that, and what I'm doing is merely amplifying it, resonating that tone.

But I do see a time, in the not too distant future, after the realignment has taken place, where that wonderful harmony and interconnectedness you speak of, can naturally come together, of its own accord. A New Paradigm, that treats and respects ALL sentient life as equal.


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