Hello everyone,

So I’ve been following this thread and the debate going on, and I want to be honest about how it makes me feel. On one level, valuable and important points are being raised. Perspectives from both sides that are making me inquire into my own belief system. I’m grateful for this. On another level, it makes me feel uneasy. There is the feeling of a child watching mom and dad arguing, but not understanding why because she can’t see the full picture. She just knows that she may suddenly have to grow up very quickly, as the foundation she has come to rely on is shaking and may soon fall. There is an energy brewing under the surface, which feels charged to me. On a third level, this reflects what I see and feel on a global level right now. There is great restlessness and unease. Powerful, possibly volatile energy is bubbling everywhere under the surface, and I feel that soon we may all have to grow up very quickly and step into our full potential, whether we are ready or not.

Mark, I was moved by your sharing and it inspired me to share my experience as well, so here is my personal perspective of what’s going on: 

When I was a teenager I had a powerful and striking dream. The dream was in black and white, which was noteworthy because I always dream in colour. 

There was a war in my country which I was trying to flee from. I tried running and hiding but there was no safe place to be found. So I left my country and searched for safety in other countries, only to find the war was all over the world. Everywhere I looked, there was only poverty, terror, and grey misery to be found. It resembled an old movie about World War II. 

When I realised there was no place left to go on Earth, where this wasn’t happening, I gave up running and just walked out on an open street and stood there desolate, not knowing what to do. Suddenly, far off in the distance, right through the black and white reality I was in, I could see a bright red colour moving towards me. As it drew closer, I could see it was two white horses and a carriage, driven by a guru in bright red robes. In the carriage there were a handful of people and everyone was chanting ecstatically. The carriage stopped beside me and the guru invited me to join them. “Come with us to paradise!” she said. I stepped in, and as I sat down, the two white horses lifted from the ground and took us straight up to heaven. The End.

This dream obviously stuck with me, and to my surprise, two years later the movie Schindler’s list came out. A modern black and white film set in World War II, where the only element of colour is the bright red coat of a little girl that appears as a holocaust victim. Synchronicity...?

I always felt this was a prophetic dream, but I never saw further than the very obvious symbolism of my own personal ascension. I didn’t pay much attention to the war itself, at least not literally, because I never thought I would live through something like that. But this summer, I have felt something shift, on a global level, that makes me view the scenario in this dream, as a distinct possibility, metaphorically definitely and perhaps even literally.

I will explain why.

In my present life I’ve had two countries that have served as points of reference for me. Sweden, in the northernmost part of Europe, and Greece, in the southernmost part of Europe. Like a small scale North and South Pole, if you like. When I grew up, my life was divided between these countries. The cold and wet winters in Sweden vs the dry and hot summers in Greece. The certainty of this weather pattern has always served as a safety net for me, and many other sun thirsting Swedes, when the Swedish summer yet and again disappoints us with cold showers. We can always count on Greece to deliver. Or, can we?

I hadn’t been to Greece for a few years, but this year I really felt a pull to go. The weather in Sweden had been fabulous, for once. Two months of heat and constant sunshine (what?) but still Greece was pulling. So we bought last minute tickets, right into the flash floods...and the strangest feeling ever.... There we are, on holiday in Greece, late June, dining at a tavern called ‘Blue Sky’, (Yes, you’re sensing the irony), when suddenly the heavens open up and pour and pour and pour...For three days...

We weren’t badly affected, but on TV I watched significant childhood landmarks of mine, being swept away by the floods.

As I was sitting there, at Blue Sky, watching this torrential rainfall, l was struck by an eerie feeling. A few days ago, I was on my balcony in Sweden basking in Mediterranean heat, and now I was in Greece witnessing a very ‘unnatural’ natural disaster. At that moment, the world as I knew it, turned upside down. My North and my South Pole switched places, and I intuitively knew nothing would ever be the same again, not just for me, but probably for all of us. The order we have come to rely on had changed. 

My feeling was accompanied by the sound from the speakers, that kept playing sentimental Greek music, decorating the disaster with a strange beauty and grace. My mind went to a scene from the movie ‘Titanic’, where the ship’s musicians, with the utmost dignity, decide to keep playing the music even into their own death.

When I returned home, 80 wildfires were raging across the country. A common occurrence in Greece, but highly unusual in Sweden. Another direct shift. As hot and lovely as this summer has been for some of us up in the north, I haven’t been able to enjoy it. The effects have been detrimental to some, and if we have another summer like this next year, our water supplies will be in danger. It could all happen very quickly.

So, I’m sad. Really sad. Even though I feel this is what I’ve been waiting for all my life, that this is the reason why I’m really here, I still feel sad in the face of it. Open, you spoke of ‘tipping points’ earlier, and for me the tipping point was this summer, when my ‘world’ turned upside down. I have no idea what’s to come, I just know I need to be prepared to receive it if and when it does...

Thanks to all for listening and sharing  🙏🏻