Hi Anastsia, I think it's timely that someone called this...

There is an energy brewing under the surface, which feels charged to me. 

I've felt it right from the start, and I was wondering when it might see itself, and have the courage to confront what that is: maybe seeing Openhand through a karmic veil of 'authority' where there is none?

Whatever, I think true courage and integrity would own their own process, and work into it. Great points have been made all round. And we must never fear to challenge one another in the quest of deeper truth. Sometimes that will look like conflict, when really it is healthy confrontation. This thread of inquiry began by pointing towards "consciously manipulating people" through the propagation of false truth, a hefty accusation, which I'm pretty sure most will agree, is most certainly not happening here (but with an open heart, I do believe that was coming through a karmic veil, which of course does at times happen in these deep explorations).

To my mind, there has been a clear and honest expression of position - why particular viewpoints are shared and promoted, so as to add volume to what we're synchronistically feeling is resonating with inner truth.  Bearing in mind that there are so many deceptions/distortions/vested interests out there. The views expressed here will have some degree of distortion in them, yes, to me, there is no fully accurately aligned truth - everything is a relativistic perception.

Isn't that an amazing freedom? To realise you can only ever make up your own mind!

I believe the quest is always about finding more aligned expression. And to succeed in that, there has to come a point, where we stop just pointing the finger outwards, and look inwards at what potential veils we might be looking through and projecting outwards? Otherwise it ceases to be healthy and productive, both for the inquiry, and the community.

I can assure all, that it is most definitely the Openhand way, to always look inwards as points are made and we make a point - to see what blindspot might be activating. It's something I'm fully committed to myself. I have learned greatly from this thread thus far, for which I am grateful. I trust all will come to gain greatly in that way too.


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