Yes I feel the love and support from here. I'm also using the opportunity to go into what I'm really feeling. Strangely I feel the presence of Gia. As if she is speaking more strongly now. I guess everyone feels her to a degree. I can see it in articles and pictures of how nature is striking back. But it certainly doesn't feels like she is striking back but more like she is taking measures to realign back. I wholeheartedly feel that I have the wherewithal to stay centred and surrender into my feelings whatever it may be. But physically I feel limited that I don't have the necessary leverage to take action that might be of any benefit to anybody. Maybe that's something I need to work with myself and accept. I also feel like I'm surrounded and constricted and not much space to breath. I know and feel it's time like these that truly tests our limit. It feels like a realignment is called for within myself too, how immediately I may change my narrative and I have some piece of information already to work with. So it feels liberating too.