Open wrote "My friend - your consciousness is what's called for. Shine the steady light"

I get this. The greatest thing I can do is to stay centred in my consciousness and honour and express my truth however challenging that may be. Right action can only flow from this space. I feel pulled by the expectation of people around and expectation of myself. When I look at FB I can see people rushing to offer help. But somehow it doesn't feel real to me. I'm not sure if it comes from a feeling of compassion or a feeling of sense of lack, that somehow I'm not good enough If I dont provide. That I maybe judged because of this. And there is a rebellion against this pressure which feels real. There is also a feeling of guilt and that I have to suffer too. I was feeling tightness all over the body all day today which got only cleared when I did some bodywork and some realizations flowed. I feel Im bigger than I allow myself to be. If people doesn't get my truth ,then so be it. But I'm not gonna do anything that I don't feel to.