Hi Vimal, I've noticed something similar with the various activists that have come to Openhand - people who are campaigning against various injustices. Often they're a ball of frustration, because they don't necessarily see their efforts going anywhere (I realise it's different for you, but I do pick up a similar sense of frustration - if that's fair to say).

It's hard to appreciate just how powerful consciousness alone can be - in fact far more powerful than any physical action. Especially when you deeply realise that the physical is created from the underlying consciousness. Although everything seems separated, and with plenty of dense inertia, things do most definitely change, and we amplify them by witnessing the situation and holding an open inner space with the inquiry.

What we need to realise in creating from the 5D, it is not the answer that creates, but the question itself. When you realise the right question, and inquire/project it into the space, then if its aligned, the whole of the reality can unravel. There is nothing more powerful than a meme that has reached the right timing. And sometimes such a meme can be conveyed simply with a look or the embodiment of an energy. And it can work simply sitting in meditation too. But the question does have to be in alignment with the actual flow, not something that is coming from the ego (like... "how can I fix this?"). When you're really in the flow, and amplifying it, it's like you become the flow and channel it into that space.


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