Thank you for this Open. As somebody who lives in India ,I can assure you ,I am bombarded with tragedy. If not floods one moment,it is abuse in shelter homes the next ,the beggars on the streets,pollution in the air. Living in India seems often like ground zero. And like you ,Vimal ,I'm not often sure with what I need to do. So ,for me ,the best way to figure out what to do ,is to sit with the question ,what best can I do in this situation. Often times the answer is nothing ,just sit with it. But eventually I will be shown a place I can donate ,or a protest or group to be part of. There are a couple of such groups in which and I do nothing and still feel deeply called to be there. The opposite is also true - I used to volunteer at a school two years ago. And then I felt a massive resistence to doing so . I just didn't like the vibe of the place even though most people say good work is being done there . 

For me ,whenever I really desire to do something in a situation ,I cast a query into the Universe and attempt to catch a wave of energy that will lead me to it. It often leads me into deep denseness and several layers I come up against in the process. As I feel through the layers and unlearn something ,often that energy waits patiently for me to '  get it '  . And when I do ,it can dance with me again . 

It's actually a lot of fun 😀. Burn out ( very common issue with intensive care ) i has to be in the past because all I am doing is trying to express this moment . Be present with this child. Feel into Now . And ,as the Universe continually reminds me ,I am only responsible for being in the Flow as far as possible . 


Thank you for these reflections