In reply to by Margaret

Dear Margaret,

I love what you have shared. For me ,this exchange between people that I very much look up to ,has sparked off an internal conversation about who I consider an authority in my life. Where I unknowingly am giving my power away. 

When I was in my early twenties ,I went to see a movie( Armageddon) in which I identified strongly with the protagonist who is saving the world. In that theatre, I was seized with a strong feeling of 'This is what we came here to do' . A feeling that I forget often ,often suppress ,but that is re-emarging very strongly after I have become more drawn to Openhand. On this website,in undiluted form come together threads of my knowing that are very deep. Spirituality ,with understanding of Gaia and also understanding of a cataclysm ,all of these things I have known at some level ,all my life . 

And yet,challenging the way they are presented is also helpful to me because that pushes me to delve deeper within rather than just accept whole in one swallow what someone else is saying .

So thank you both for this exchange . It's very helpful !