Open, I had the sense that frustration was likely because of all the expectation that was put on me. You maybe right it's also because I can't fully comprehend the impact that I have. I remember your story how you saw the reflections of your inner work in the 3D world in the work of Edward Snowden at that time.

Where I'm at I see judgements and expectation coming my way  even in abusive form because I expressed my truth. I had a huge tightness in my heart and doubt that am I becoming too spiritual,otherwordly,too excited,  too much for others. 'Taking the gloves off' in the other article makes me remember a dream that I has recently I which I'm riding my bike without grip on its  handle. Loosing grip on reality? Maybe I'm just gradually pulling off the control mechanism. Shows me how futile it is to keep on living pleasing others when  your simple truth can expose the judgments.

Megha, you said similar things as of open but in a different context. What you said about our situation in India makes me see the bigger picture and ask in my situation "So what about the other millions of people who were already under served. Are they not our people? " I also agree how it's about the question and not the answer. And holding the right question can open the inner doors.