What I have noticed through the last few years is that one of the things that binds this online community together is synchronicities. People here often connect with each others' thoughts in a completely non-linear fashion, in a sort of metaphysical way. Sometimes a word in a previous comment is enough so that the next in line can pick it up and react to it becasue it sounds meaningful to him/her.

Coincidences are always meaningful for an awakened person, that is why we call them synchronicities.

So here is my synchronicity for this video you just shared on the crop situation, Open. I am sharing now another dream from earlier this week. It was very simple: I went to the convenient store and when I got there I would see that the windows are all boarded up. I asked the owner why is that and she said: 'it is because there is nothing to sell anymore'. 

Also with reference to my previous comment in this thread above, I would like to emphasise a few things though, with love and respect for all participants. I will not defend or explain myself because of the intuitive messages I shared here. However, I don't want to turn this forum into a wall of predictions or 'scaremongering' either. These messages I shared are not 'concepts' .I do not want to convince anyone of its validity and I don't wait for it to happen. I share them because it felt right to do so and because I have received them in synchrony with what is being mentioned on this forum. In fact, as far as I experience, my life would be much 'easier' without these.  On a sidenote, what I also learnt recently that confronting such emotions and feelings arising from the current situation of our world can be an extremely overwhelming and long process but once we accepted (softened into) them it is also incredibly rewarding!   

with love to you all,