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I've been reading from this thread all week. It makes it really hard to be non-judgemental when looking at the world through other people's eyes. As I read here I try to remain as close as I can to the-seed of thought with no attachment,[What is being said here]. There is a lot of sad things happening at this moment in time. There are also some amazing things happening as well. I have been testing the waters in which the flow comes from. By standing on the bank and speaking my truth the way I see it, to all I talk to, the flow remains clear, no Eddy currents seen. Their reactions are not surprising. You see when I tell them that in all of this change, I see god OPPS that was suppose to be good in all things. I am looked at as being psycho. This is not the first time this world has undergone massive change. Nor will it be the last. It is the first time that I remember us be able to communicate this way, and for a reason. You know at any given moment this all ends, and a new beginning will start. One solar flare can end all electronic communications, super-volcano, flood or fire, Armageddon.  You get the point. For me being guided to Openhand is a blessing. Thank you Open and Openhanders for all the sharing and caring of coarse holding the space for growth in all areas. 

Thank You, Aspasia. You sound so refreshing and so wise. 
Keep On Keepin On. 

Much Love and Gratitude

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