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I think you hit the nail on the head regarding one of the key challenges on planet earth right now, for awakened people, that we felt to address in the film.

When people wake up and realise just how much the earth and sentient life here is being desecrated, there so often comes the natural desire to want to fix it. That's understandable, but the risk is it traps you in more "things that you must do". And it can bind people up in sadness, efforting and struggle - also the risk to keep making other people wrong. And then when you witness the 3D seemingly going progressively downhill, the struggle intensifies and can even lead to depression and hopelessness. But when you realise what the 'healing' really is, and that the cleansing of the 3D is the healing, yes, it's sad, but you realise some key things: (1) you don't have to fix it (2) you don't have to be perfect in your consumption (3) you can still be compassionate and caring, but that is for the sake of it, because it's simply right, not because you have to get something from it. All of this comes with a great sense of freedom.

Wishing you well.

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